Welcome to The Finance for Hospitality Blog

Welcome to The Finance for Hospitality Blog

A learning ‘hub’ for hospitality finance

This site aims at creating a hub for existing or potential hospitality owners, working professionals, people changing careers into the hospitality industry and of course, people or students who are interested in learning and keeping themselves up-to-date with finance.

This site is a finance hub since it aims to include a variety of resources, such as blog articles, videos, working financial templates, online courses, personal tutorials, and consultation services and occasionally, webinars that relate, mainly, to small-and-medium-size but also to larger hospitality businesses.

‘Finance for Hospitality’ gives to its users something  unique; the opportunity to engage in hospitality finance learning in a much more flexible fashion, without the highly structured university courses with rigid  learning outcomes and topics to be covered.   The site’s approach to hospitality finance learning is conducted from a highly flexible and applicable angle, where people freely comment, request information, provide and receive feedback and ask for new or relevant topics and services to be addressed by the site.

Users have the opportunity to learn joyfully about hospitality finance from a purely practical perspective and in areas that can make a real difference to them.

Take advantage of learning about hospitality finance by using this site with no limits and apply all available relevant resources to your job, business, education or life in general.

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Yiannis Megaloeconomou

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