Financial skills are as important in the workplace as reading, writing and communicating and may affect significantly business performance.

A hotel or restaurant business with employees having financial literacy may induce sound business performance due to the following factors: analysis of financial reports, participation in financial matters of the business, making financial decisions, setting of financial goals and preparation of budgets, taking advantage of learning and promotion opportunities and other work-related tasks.

Use our online learning options for building strong financial skills.


Online Finance Course

Check my introductory online finance course offered on the udemy platform.  By taking this course you have life-time access to 3+ hours of 29 video tutorials.  It also includes downloadable working files for practicing and learning effectively the course material along with their solutions.

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Personal Online Learning

If you really need to build your financial skills through a highly practical approach for improving your personal finance, managing successfully your job or getting a promotion, performing better at school or for the sake of learning finance sign up for an online tutorial right now.

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